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Spanish Master's Program


The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Spanish at UNT prepares students for literary and cultural analysis as well as linguistics. An M. A. in Spanish increases the salary base of many positions and offers opportunities in translation and interpretation at the local, national, and international levels. This Master's can serve as a terminal degree for those wishing to teach at the secondary, community college, and university levels. Also, graduates who wish to continue with a doctorate in Spanish at another university are well prepared. UNT professors of Spanish have specializations in all of the main areas of Latin American and Spanish literature, and students may choose from a variety of classes during their course of study. All professors publish articles and/or books in their fields of specialization, and remain active by presenting at local, national, and international professional conferences.


The Department of Spanish at the University of North Texas invites you to the 2nd Annual Professional Development Day for Teachers of Spanish on SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 2017. This year's event will include multiple workshops, a Spanish conversation lunch and a special keynote speaker. Download the event information, registration form and lunch order form here.


As a prerequisite to the Spanish M.A. program, students must have completed at least 12 hours of advanced undergraduate Spanish classes and earned an overall GPA of 3.0 and a 3.0 or higher in Spanish. In certain cases exceptions may be made. Students not meeting the criteria may make a case for themselves by explaining in their cover letter any extenuating circumstances. If approved by the Spanish graduate faculty, they may be admitted into the program under the provision of earning a B or better during their first 12 credit hours in the Masters program. The following are the steps for admission:

  1. Apply to and be accepted into the UNT Toulouse Graduate School ( Deadlines: October 15 for the following Spring enrollment; April 15 for the following Summer enrollment; June 15 for the following Fall enrollment.
  2. Once accepted into the UNT Toulouse Graduate School, please send the following materials to Dr. Teresa Marrero, Spanish graduate advisor (
  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Research paper in Spanish: well-organized, 6-8 pages double-spaced with a bibliography
  • Audio file of applicant's spoken Spanish (3-5 minutes)
  • Three letters of recommendation

Once accepted, students may apply for a limited number of Teaching Assistantships (TAs) to help cover costs, though this will require full-time status (9 hours of classes per semester).


Students choose from one of the following tracks of study:

  1. With thesis: at least 24 hours (8 classes) of Spanish graduate credit, 6 hours of a minor area and 6 hours of thesis. Total: 36 credit hours. Students must work with three professors (one director and two other members of the committee) in order to successfully complete the thesis and defend it in order to receive the M.A. in Spanish.
  2. Without thesis: at least 30 hours (10 classes) of Spanish graduate credit plus 6 hours of a minor area. Total: 36 credit hours. Students must take and pass all the comprehensive exams in order to receive the M.A. in Spanish.

Please click here for complete information on the Spanish MA exams and thesis options.

The Spanish M.A. Reading List can be found here.

Please click here for FAQ on Spanish MA exams.

Please click here for FAQ on Transfer Credits.


Dr. Jorge Aviles-Diz (Associate Professor of Spanish):

  • Specialization: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Spanish Literature
  • Graduate Classes: Spanish Realism, Generation of 1898, Spanish Women Writers of the Nineteenth Century, Enlightenment to Romanticism

Dr. Pierina Beckman (Associate Professor of Spanish):

  • Specialization: Medieval and Golden Age Spanish Literature
  • Graduate Classes: Spanish Golden Age Novel, Spanish Golden Age Theater

Dr. Will Derusha (Associate Professor of Spanish):

  • Specialization: Transatlantic Poetry
  • Graduate Classes: Modernist Poetry, Poetry of the Vanguard, Ekphrasis in Poetry, Poetry, Federico García Lorca, Rubén Darío, Spanish Culture

Dr. Jongsoo Lee (Associate Professor of Spanish):

  • Specialization: Pre-Hispanic, Colonial and Nineteenth Century Latin American Literature
  • Graduate Classes: Latin American Romanticism & Realism, Colonial Literature

Dr. Samuel Manickam (Associate Professor of Spanish, Chair):

  • Specialization: Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Latin American Narrative
  • Graduate Classes: Mexican Novel, Latin American Novel, Latin American Essay, Mexican Short Story, Latin American Short Story

Dr. Teresa Marrero (Full Professor of Spanish):

  • Specialization: Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Latin American and Latino Theatre
  • Graduate Classes: Greek Classical Drama in Latin American Theater, Absurd to Collective Creation in Latin American Theater, Women, Tragedy and Contemporary Latin American Theater

Dr. Cristina Sánchez-Conejero (Associate Professor of Spanish):

  • Specialization: Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Spanish Narrative, Cinema, and Culture
  • Graduate Classes: Spanishness in Contemporary Peninsular Literature and Cinema, Post-Civil War Spanish Novel, Post-Franco Spanish Novel

Dr. Talia Weltman-Cisneros (Assistant Professor of Spanish)

  • Specialization: Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Latin American Narrative

Dr. Jiyoung Yoon (Associate Professor of Spanish):

  • Specialization: Spanish Linguistics
  • Graduate Classes: Advanced Spanish Grammar, Spanish Linguistics, Spanish Syntax and Morphology


Dr. Teresa Marrero, Spanish Graduate Advisor

Dr. Samuel Manickam, Chair, Department of Spanish

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