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Dorian Roehrs


Associate Professor of German




Here are some of my research interests:


New Book Project: ‘Explorations of the German Noun Phrase: Adjectival Inflection and ein-words.’ (provisional title) Contact me for recent versions of the following chapters:


Chapter 1: The Structural Nature of Adjective Endings

Chapter 2: Three Consequences of the Analysis

Chapter 3: Ein-words and Adjectival eine

Chapter 4: Possessive ein-words

Chapter 5: Ein and Emotiveness

Chapter 6: Ein and Number

Chapter 7: Concluding Remarks


Some other work:


Split-NPs (revised version is available upon request)


Possessives (revised version is available upon request)


The Different Determiner Systems in Germanic and Romance (2010)


Toward Explaining the Head-Final Filter (2010)


Dissertation (published in shortened and revised form as ‘Demonstratives and Definite Articles as Nominal Auxiliaries’, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2009)