Martin Gallagher | World Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

Martin Gallagher

Adjunct - Latin

Martin teaches Latin at all levels, Classical Archaeology and Classical Mythology.

He studies the evolution of public life in Ancient Greek and Roman cities, based on material and literary evidence. His main specialization is cultural fusion in the regions of Macedonia and Epirus in Hellenistic times (from the death of Alexander the Great through the Roman conquest). Martin's interests range widely in the societies, economies, urbanisation, and thought of the Hellenistic and Roman World, from Italy to the Indus Valley. His approach to these topics integrates cross-disciplinary methodologies and cross-cultural comparisons.

Martin also has a passion for widening access to Classical Studies among underserved communities and increasing public awareness of archaeological research. He serves as President of the Dallas-Fort Worth Society of the Archaeological Institute of America, which holds regular public lectures and promotes knowledge of the human past through material evidence. He is also a collaborator on the San Giuliano Archaeological Research Project (SGARP) in Central Italy.

Affiliated Department: Geography

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