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Dr. Tatiana Filosofova

Minor in Russian

A minor in Russian consists of a minimum of 18 semester hours in Russian, including 6 advanced hours. Demonstration of proficiency may be substituted for credit in courses equivalent to RUSS 1010 through RUSS 2050. A minimum grade of C is required for a course to count toward the minor.

Syllabi & Courses

For full listing of courses with descriptions and prerequisites, please visit UNT's Catalog home page. You can also find syllabi listed on faculty profiles at

Transfer Credit and Placement Test

Students may earn credits in Russian through a placement test or by transferring credits from another institution. For more details, please look for testing information under the Resources section of this website or call the department office.

Dobro Slovo National Slavic Honor Society

The Epsilon Kappa chapter of Dobro Slovo at UNT encourages students who have completed at least two years or placement test equivalent of a Slavic language (Russian, Polish, Serbian, Macedonian, etc.) to apply for admittance into our honor society! There will be one initiation ceremony each semester for students who would like to join and a one time fee of $35 for a pin, certificate, and lifetime membership. For inquiries about the honor society and eligibility please contact honor society president David Oostenbrug at

Dobro Slovo, in addition to hosting traditional Russian celebrations like Масленица, Пасха, and Russian Christmas (celebrated in January) in cooperation with the Russian Club provides students opportunities for service through the Russian School of Dallas and through various intercultural activities at UNT.

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