Emeriti Faculty | World Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

Emeriti Faculty

Crowder, R. Douglas (1979-1997), Associate Professor of French

Damico, Anthony (1966-2001), Professor of Classical Languages

Gionet, Arthur (1961-1995), Regents Professor of French

Hardin, Robert, Professor of French

Koop, Marie-Christine Weidmann, (1990-2021), Professor of French, marie-christine.koop@unt.edu

Nahrgang, Lee (1965-2007), Professor of German

Nash, Jerry (1997-2007), Professor of French

Olsen, Solveig (1968-2005), Professor of German

Sirvent, Michel (1994-2016), Professor of French, michel.sirvent@unt.edu

Terry, Carmen (1998-2021), Principal Lecturer of German, carmen.terry@unt.edu

Vidrine, Donald (1968-1998), Associate Professor of French

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