Undergraduate Advising | World Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

Undergraduate Advising

Faculty Advising Hours Spring 2024:

Angela Harris: angela.harris@unt.edu (advisor for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, & Asian Studies)

  • Monday 11 am -1 pm walk-in advising in LANG 101

  • Friday 12pm -2pm via Zoom. (To join, use Navigate or email Ms. Harris)

Dr. Laetitia Knight: Laetitia.knight@unt.edu (advisor for ASL, Arabic, French, German, Italian & Latin)

Please read the following information carefully:

  1. Students who need study abroad pre-approval must have filled out the top portion of their pre-approval form first (and consulted with the study abroad office first) and have a list of courses they are interested in along with the course description. Please be aware that language course pre-approval often requires additional evaluation by the language coordinator, and Mrs. Knight may not be able to fill out and sign the form during the appointment. Emailing Mrs. Knight with the above information a week prior to the appointment may facilitate and expediate this process.
  2. For non-language advising-related matters, please reach out to a general academic advisor in your major College. Language majors/minors can make an appointment (zoom, email or phone) with a CLASS advisor here: https://class.unt.edu/office-student-advising.
  3. For questions regarding the Spanish programs, please contact the Spanish advisor, Dr. Thurman at Emily.Thurman@unt.edu
  4. For questions regarding our French graduate program, please contact the French graduate advisor, Dr. Chaguinian at Christophe.Chaguinian@unt.edu
  5. For help with language course registration, you may also contact the Department of World Languages, Literature and Cultures at WorldLanguages@unt.edu.
  6. Our faculty advisors can only advise students on matters related to language degrees and courses. The STUDENT SUCCESS page lists various offices on campus that will assist you with other issues or questions. Please direct non-language-related questions to the appropriate office (e.g. financial-related questions are best addressed to the Student Financial Services, or Financial Aid, questions about tuition, course registration or scheduling should be directed towards the various offices in the Registrar's office, information about Student Programs and Services can be found on the Student Affairs website, , etc.)

Advising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. In order to receive a minor in French, German, or Japanese a student only has to take three (9 hours) upper level classes (3000 or 4000) past 2050. Students can consult with the World Languages advisor to find out what classes are best for them after 2050. Although we don't have a "form" to fill out to declare a minor, students must let their major advisor know that they have a minor in French, German, Japanese, etc.
  2. We do not offer upper level foreign language classes in the summer (only beginning and intermediate). If you are interested in receiving upper-level credits, you may register for a Study Abroad program.
  3. For study abroad programs, typically you must first visit the Study Abroad Office in Marquis Hall, Room 145 or the SAO website https://studyabroad.unt.edu/. You can get a pre-approval form and speak with a study abroad advisor, at 940-565-2207 or email studyabroad@unt.edu.
  4. A foreign language major can transfer credit to UNT for taking up to five advanced level classes (15 hours) taken at another four-year university (first being approved by College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and our department) or a pre-approved study abroad program.
  5. Students who are native speakers of a language that is not offered in our department can take a proficiency exam to earn a waiver for required language courses, as long as it is approved by their major program. Please see the Resources section for detailed information about proficiency testing.
  6. The CLEP Exam is an option for earning credit in a few foreign languages, but it is either scored as passing beginning 1 & 2 classes or all 4 classes. Please consult UNT Counseling & Testing Services for details about the CLEP Exam.
  7. Our department placement exam allows students to earn anywhere from 3-12 credit hours. Please see the Resources section for detailed information about placement testing.
  8. Students may be asked to show proof of prerequisite to enroll in some courses. Please see the Resources section for detailed information about Course Prerequisites.