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Asian Studies Minor

Program Description

The University of North Texas offers students who have a strong interest in Asia the option of pursuing an interdisciplinary minor in Asian studies. This minor should be of value to those students who are planning on careers in the business world, government, or the legal profession, as well as those who simply want to broaden their knowledge about a part of the world that includes a significant portion of the world's population and economic output.

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Asian Studies requires 18 hours of undergraduate course-work, of which a minimum of 6 hours must be in advanced (3000 and 4000-level) courses. Students may choose courses on Asian topics offered by any department. Students taking courses in Japanese or Chinese Language may apply them to the minor, but only a maximum of 6 credits for the two most advanced courses taken in Chinese or Japanese may be counted (see Course Descriptions for more details).

For a list of course offerings, please see Course Descriptions. We make every attempt to keep this list of courses updated. However, since academic departments may add or cancel courses without notice, students should consult the schedule of classes every semester. Some courses (such as ANTH 3100, Peoples and Cultures or HIST 4260 Topics in History) focus on different parts of the world in different semesters. Such courses count toward the fulfillment of the Asian Studies Minor only when they address an Asian topic. If you are not sure whether or not a particular course will count toward the minor, please consult with the academic advisor for the Asian Studies Minor.

Those students interested in the Interdisciplinary Minor in Asian Studies should make an appointment to see Angela Harris by email at

Course Descriptions