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Miwako Ichikawa



Associate Professor

  • Dr. Kaori Furuya


  • Ms. Yayoi Takeuchi
  • Ms. Angela Harris
  • Ms. Miwako Ichikawa


  • Dr. Ryan Redmond
  • Ms. Nami Kroska

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Major in Japanese

A major in Japanese consists of the six foundational courses (1010, 1020, 2040, 2050, 3020 and 3030) plus seven courses from the the following list: (The Topics courses may be repeated. A grade of C or higher is required.)

  • JAPN 4020
  • JAPN 4030
  • JAPN 3042
  • JAPN 3046
  • JAPN 3048
  • JAPN 3068
  • JAPN 4080

Topics courses (may be repeated):

  • JAPN 3040
  • JAPN 3060
  • JAPN 4040

Minor in Japanese

A minor in Japanese consists of a minimum of 21 semester hours in Japanese, including JAPN 3020 and JAPN 3030. Demonstration of proficiency may be substituted for credit in courses equivalent to LANG 1010-LANG 2050. A minimum grade of C is required for a course to count toward the minor.

Marketable Skills

Marketable skills for this degree include interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skill areas that are valued by employers and are primary or complementary to the major. The marketable skills goal was designed to help students articulate their skills to employers. UNT's marketable skills were faculty-developed and approved by employers or discipline-specific agencies, e.g., internship providers, chamber of commerce, workforce development boards, and other workforce-related entities. For information on these marketable skills: https://vpaa.unt.edu/thecb/class.

Japanese National Honor Society

Students earning top grades in Japanese are eligible to apply for the Honor Society. Certificates of Excellence and red-and-white cords to wear at graduation will be given to students who are granted membership in the society. For more information contact faculty advisor Yayoi Takeuchi.

Syllabi & Courses

For full listing of courses with descriptions and prerequisites, please visit UNT's Catalog home page. You can also find syllabi listed on faculty profiles at https://faculty.unt.edu/.

Japanese Student News

Texas State Japanese Speech Contest 2023 https://worldlanguages.unt.edu/news/texas-state-japanese-speech-contest-...

Transfer Credit and Placement Test

Students may earn credits in Japanese through a placement test or by transferring credits from another institution. For more details, please look for testing information under the Resources section of this website or call the department office.

Study Abroad

Second year Japanese, JAPN 2040 and 2050, is offered in May and June in a unique study-abroad format. The group starts out on campus with intensive study for 3½ weeks, then travels together to Japan for another 3½ weeks of study and first-hand cultural experience. This program is directed by Ms. Yayoi Takeuchi and Ms. Angela Harris.

For study abroad opportunities, please visit our study abroad page or visit studyabroad.unt.edu.