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General Asian Studies

Archives of Asian Art (Project MUSE)
A journal focusing on premodern and contemporary art of South, Southeast, East, and Central Asia.

Ars Orientals (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on art history and archeology of Asia.

Artibus Asiae (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on art and archeology of ancient West, Central, and East Asia.

Asian Ethnology (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on cultural, religious, medical and environmental anthropology of Asia.

Asian Music (Project MUSE)
A journal focusing on ethnomusicology of Asian music, and performance arts throughout Asia in contemporary context.

Asian Perspectives (Project MUSE)
A journal focusing on history and archeology of Asia and the Pacific.

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
This site provides a "guide and access tool to scholarly information resources" about the entire Asian continent. This site is important to access information about Asian societies, politics, economy, regions, countries, history, and culture.

Asian Theatre Journal (Project MUSE)
A journal focusing on traditional and modern performing arts of Asia.

The Crow Collection of Asian Art
The official site for the Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art. The Collection Exhibits "works of art from Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia, the Crow Collection of Asian Art offers visitors a peaceful world of beauty and spirituality in the heart of the city. Because many objects now considered "art" were created for religious purposes, many of the pieces in the permanent collection represent deities from various religions including as Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism and Jainism. The works of art, date from 3500 B.C. to the early 20th century."

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean history, literature, religion, politics, and liguistics.

Intersections: Gender, History & Culture in the Asian Context
An online journal publishing research on isues related to gender and sexuality in Asia and the Pacific.

Journal of Asian History (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on premodern and modern history of Asia.

The Journal of Asian Studies (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on history, art, philosophy, and social sciences of East, South, and Southest Asia.

Journal of East Asian Studies (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on social science of East and Southeast Asia.

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on economic and social history of West, Central, East, South, and Southeast Asia, from ancient times to the nineteenth century.

Modern Asian Studies (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on the history, social anthropology, sociology, and political science of South, Southeast, and East Asia.

Pacific Affairs (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on political, economic, and social issues throughout Asia and the Pacific.

Chinese History, Law, Literature and Culture

The Ancient Dynasties of Chinese Civilization
This page provides a brief overview of the Ancient Dynasties of China.

American Journal of Chinese Studies (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on history and social sciences of China and Taiwan.

The Chairman Smiles - Chinese Posters 1949-1997
A large collection of Chinese Propaganda posters from 1949-1997 with translations and notes.
Massive China site: News, business, culture, politics, etc.

China: An International Journal (Project MUSE)
A journal focusing on the politics, economics, society, law, culture, geography, and international relations of China.

The China Journal (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on anthropology, economics, foreign policy, sociology, and politics of China and Taiwan.

The China Quarterly (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on anthropology, sociology, literature, arts, business, economics, international relations, geography, history, law, and politics of contemporary China and Taiwan. The Complete Reference to China/Chinese-Related Web Sites
In Chinese and English.

Chinese History Internet Guide
The Internet Guide for Chinese Studies contains an exhaustive list on "Chinese History." Each site's content ranges from historical facts and relations to other countries to biographies of rulers from historic China.

Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, and Reviews (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on traditional and modern Chinese literature.

Chinese Text Project
​Texts of Chinese literature online.

Frontiers of Philosophy in China (JSTOR)
A journal containing articles on both Asian and European philosophy by Chinese philosophy scholars.

Internet Guide for China Studies
The Internet Guide for Chinese Studies is a guide for reference to Asian history, politics, society, philosophy, geography, science, and more. Each topic provides links and descriptions of related sites.
Late Imperial China
A journal focusing on history, literature, religion, and philosophy of China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Modern China (JSTOR)
Economic and social issues of late imperial, twentieth century, and present day China.

Nineteenth Century Images : Maps, Texts, Images
"This digital library gathers together a disparate body of (primarily) European and American images of the island of Taiwan -- called "Formosa" by foreign visitors in the 19th Century -- and its various peoples. These woodcuts, maps and textual representations were originally published in European and North American books and journals during the 19th Century but are not easily accessible to those interested in the history of Taiwan."

Peking University Law School
In Chinese only.

Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages
A comprehensive collection of Chinese Propaganda posters, including information on the themes, artists, and designers.

The U.S. Tiananmen Papers
Analysis of declassified State Department documents pertaining to the events surrounding the June 1989 massacre by the Chinese military of demonstrators gathered in and around Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

Selected Chinese Myths and Fantasies
This site provides full-text of nine Ancient Chinese Myths and Fantasies and five Wei, Jin and the Southern and Northern Dynasties.

T'uong Pao (JSTOR)
A journal focusing on the history, literature, scoiology, and culture of traditional China.

WWLIA's World Legal History
Provides a time table of World Legal History including Chinese History.

Chinese Language

    Japanese History, Literature, and Culture

    Aozora Bunko
    A collection of texts of modern Japanese literature that are available in the Japanese public domain (texts currently become available 50 years after the death of the author). Includes short stories, essays, poetry, and full novels. Texts can be viewed in the web browser or downloaded in PDF format.

    Henry Smith's Home Page
    This page provides research tools including a research guide, bibliographies, and syllabi.

    Japanese Text Initiative
    A collection of texts of pre-modern Japanese literature (pre-1868) and some modern literature up to about 1912. Some of the more well-known texts have translations or academic introductions. Texts can be viewed in the web browser or downloaded in PDF format.

    The Journal of Japanese Studies (Project MUSE)
    Humanities and social sciences of Japan

    Monumenta Nipponica (JSTOR)
    Journal focusing on Japanese society, culture, history, religion, art, and anthropology.

    Japanese Language

    American Association of Teachers of Japanese
    Although this site is primarily aimed at Japanese teachers, it contains useful information about study abroad in Japan, the Bridging Scholarship and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

    Genki Self Study Room
    A website linked to the Japanese textbook used for first and second year Japanese students at UNT. Provides materials for additional practice with grammar, vocabulary, and kanji.

    The Japan Foundation
    An organization dedicated to building ties of cultural understanding between Japan and the rest of the world, through the arts, language learning, and intellectual exchange.

    Japanese Language and Literature (JSTOR)
    A journal focusing on Japanese literature stuides, linguistcs, and langauge pedagogy.

    The JET Program
    The most well-known of many programs that allow English speakers to work as assistant English language teachers in Japan after graduating from university.

    Very useful (free!) kanji learning app available for Android and Google devices. This app is especially helpful because it has a test format where you have to draw kanji, which tests your production as well as recognition skills.

    NHK (Japanese and English)
    Website of Japan's public broadcasting organization.

    NHK News Web Easy
    A section of the NHK News website that provides news articles in simplified language, targeted at Japanese children and foreigners living in Japan.

    Prosody Tutor Suzuki-kun
    A great resource for students who struggle with Japanese pitch accent and intonation, this website allows you to type a text in Japanese and have it read back to you in correct Japanese intonation.

    Another useful Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionary.

    Tobira Site
    A website connected with the textbook used by third and fourth year Japanese students at UNT. Has links to the video and audio materials for Tobira as well as various websites useful websites for learning about Japanese language and culture.

    Blog/website of the company behind WaniKani (a popular kanji study app). The blog provides information about/reviews of Japanese language resources, as well as interesting and fun articles on Japanese society and history.

    A useful language resource containing a Japanese language dictionary, Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionaries, a dictionary of classical Japanese, and more.

    A popular online Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionary. Many other dictionary sites and apps (imiwa, shirabejisho, Japanese) are based on this one.

    South and Southeast Asia

    Contemporary Southeast Asia (Project MUSE)
    A journal focusing on political, socioeconomic, and security issues of modern Southeast Asia.

    International Journal of Hindu Studies (JSTOR)
    A journal focusing on the history and sociology of Hinduism.

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