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Clubs and Conversation Tables


Arabic Club

(Arabic Club meetings and activities are conducted in English)

Contact Person/Faculty Sponsor: Caroline Najour (

Arabic Language Association

Students United for Palestine

Arabic Dance Group

  • Meeting time: varies

Arabic Student Association

  • Meeting time: varies


French Club

French Conversation Table

  • Meeting time: varies


German Club

Contact Person/Faculty Sponsor: Cindy Renker

  • Meeting time: varies

German Honor Society (Delta Phi Alpha)

German Conversation Table (Spring 2024)

Stop by LANG 410 for conversation tables:

  • Beginners (GERM 1010/1020): Wednesday 9 - 10 am
  • Intermediate and Advanced: Monday 12:30 - 1:30 pm


Italian Club

Contact Person/Faculty Sponsor: Molly Sweigart


Japanese Club

Contact Person/Faculty Sponsor: Kaori Furuya (

Japanese Cultural Organization


Latin Club

  • Meeting time: varies

UNT Classics Collegium